Difficult Times


A reader instant messaged me yesterday to ask for an update on the sale, etc. so I am going to go ahead and post one.  You can probably tell from the flood of creative projects that I have a lot of frustration to vent – and I am venting it in a positive way, thankfully.


Our prospective buyers from Montana fell through.  We will be scheduling two showings shortly – one for a non-profit group looking for a retreat center and another for a woman who lives locally.  I am trying to remain hopeful because things can truly turn on a dime.  We’ve done this before.  You can get a call one week and the following week be under contract.  It’s the waiting that is the most difficult thing.


Earl has not been doing well with the stress of waiting.  He has been getting more and more anxious for the past couple of weeks.  We had a really rough weekend and the following week was even worse.  We had an elopement coming up and he was not eating or sleeping or functioning and I couldn’t find anyone to help, even after two ER visits.  Another ER visit on Saturday resulted in a prescription for a longer acting anxiety medication but he just went to bed because he felt so poorly.


As I struggled to get cottages cleaned for arrival Saturday afternoon, my mantra was “Once these are finished, you can rest all evening and prepare for the elopement.  You can do this. You’re almost finished.”


To complicate matters, in my mind, the elopement ceremony was on Sunday.  In actuality, it was on Saturday.  My mind was not informed of this until 3:15pm on Saturday when the officiant arrived to perform the ceremony.    Fortunately (for me at least), the bride and groom were running late.  My day had really just started.  I scrambled to put the cake in the oven, the sparkling cider in the freezer to chill, assemble the new arbor, as well as a host of other things that needed to be completed prior to the ceremony.  By the time they arrived, I had completed everything and showered and was prepared to do the photographs.  They were married at 5:30pm and I was cleaning up by 6:15.  They were thrilled with everything.



Immediately following the elopement, Earl was ready to go back to the ER for yet a fourth time.  As I was getting ready to take him, his doctor called (this is a new doctor – a psychiatrist that he began that week.)  He talked to him for a little while and then the doctor wanted to talk to me.  He said he was changing how Earl takes his anxiety medication.  Instead of having him take it “as needed”, he is to take it every 6 hours.  I cannot tell you what a difference this made.  Almost immediately, he stopped having the panic attacks and has been able to cope better.


This past Monday the doctor started him on a new medication (an older anti-depressant) and began Cognitive Behavior Therapy with him.  It teaches you how to control your behaviors and feelings by controlling and directing your thoughts – interestingly, this is exactly what the Bible tells us to do.  He is using a wookbook called Mind Over Mood along with the therapy sessions.  I am hopeful that this therapy will be something that helps Earl for the rest of his life.


Business has picked up with the change of season.  I have elopements scheduled for next week, the following week and mid-September.


Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  I know that God is working on something, but only He knows the timing of it.









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