Shining the Silver


As a little girl, I remember my grandmother having a set of silverware (plated) in the bottom of her china cabinet.  I asked her to give it to me for years, but she said she didn’t have any.  Then about two years ago when she was visiting, she handed me a plastic grocery bag and it was full of that silverware.  By that time, Earl had already bought me my own set, so it kind of stayed in the bag and was stuck in my pantry.


I’ve been getting everything ready for these elopements we’re having at the inn later this month and early next month.  For one, I have ten people.  I have plates (service for 20), but all of my flatware are sets of 8.  So I was going to have to RENT ten matching forks LOL  Then I thought of that silverware hanging out in the pantry and remembered it was service for 12.  So I got it out and removed the tarnish from ten forks and stuck the rest back into the cupboard.  The next day I was thinking “I really should clean that all up and find a nice silver chest to store it in.” I looked on eBay and set a couple of them to “watch”.  Then yesterday, while I was doing my weekly Ukiah run, I stopped in an antique store.  They had two silver chests.  One was all beat up and yellow on the inside.  The second was a really light wood color with blue anti-tarnish felt on the inside and a bakelite handle.  I asked the store owner “Do you think this would be from the 1950’s?”  and she said yes.  She asked if I had just inherited some silver.  I said “kind of” LOL  So I told her about my service for 12 stuffed in a plastic grocery bag and sitting in my pantry cupboard.  We tried to look up the pattern in a book, but it was not listed.  I bought the chest ($15) and came home and pulled the silverware back out and started cleaning it.  It is a complete set almost – I’m missing one teaspoon.  I was searching eBay but was completely clueless to the pattern.  The back is marked “Wm. A. Rogers  Silver Overlaid   Oneida, LTD”  So I called my grandma to find out where she got this silver to determine the approximate age.


It turns out, she bought it at a store called “Whitefront Store” that was in Fresno, CA (it went out of business around the time I was born.)  She said a chest was available, but she only purchased the service for 12 and serving pieces.  She never used it!  She said she thought it was the 50’s or 60’s.


I went to Replacements, Ltd. and started looking through their patterns.  Lo and behold, I found it!  It is called Chalice AKA Harmony AKA Jasmine and was made in 1958.  Grandma said that sounded right because in 1958, they lived near that part of Fresno and in 1960 they moved.  I am watching a teaspoon on eBay currently 😉






I think this will probably be Alyssa’s someday, unless she wants my set.  Of course, if I don’t have anymore children, she’ll end up with both sets!  And my grandma said she also has her mother’s set, so I’ll end up with that, too.  I love family heirlooms!  🙂


EDITED TO ADD:  I did get that replacement teaspoon!



2 thoughts on “Shining the Silver

  1. What a nice treasure! It’s great that you have such a pretty set. I hope you win that missing piece.

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