Answers to Prayers (and pictures, too)


It has been an interesting week or two!  God has been answering prayers, even as we face additional challenges in our daily lives.


We have been able to take a loan out that will not have to be paid back until we sell.  In addition to that, we have been assured by a family member that if we do not sell by the end of the year, he will make sure that we do not lose everything.  This has taken a huge burden off of our shoulders.


The people that we feel will be the buyers are flying out on the 19th and coming to see the property.  YAY!  Please continue praying that we sell quickly.


Here is a picture of what it looks like outside –




Here is a picture of some crocuses in the yard that I took prior to the snow –





And here are some of Alyssa at the park in Brooktrails, excuse her messy hair.  The weather was very warm that week. –











5 thoughts on “Answers to Prayers (and pictures, too)

  1. wow, from flowers, the park to that snowfall. how beautiful. my kids long for snow but we haven’t seen any at all this year and with the bradford pears all abloom i guess there won’t be any this year. oohhh… the bug will be bad this summer.
    in HIM

  2. I found your name on a different blog where someone was discussion PCOS. I wanted to invite you to mine. I found a diet for PCOS and I am wanting to share it with everybody!

  3. What beautiful pictures! and that is exciting about the inn! I can’t remember the location of your inn. Is it close to San Francisco, or am I way off? Probably am!

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