When Faith is Tested


I have heard it said that faith that isn’t tested is not really faith.  Our faith is only able to grow through trials.  Knowing this does not make facing difficulties easy by any means.  But I suppose it does encourage us to hold on and know that our level of Trust in God will be greater once we are through the difficult time – and that knowledge makes going through the trial worth it.

We have found ourselves in the midst of one of these “tests”.  Although things have not been peachy as far as finances go for quite some time, we are to the point that the only thing we can do is cast our cares and worries on the Lord and wait on Him.  This is not an easy thing to do, particularly for my husband.  He is completely overwhelmed looking for how he can improve our situation.  And honestly, at this point there is nothing that either of us can do except pray for a buyer.  We’ve gone down all of the roads that we know to try.  We are hitting road block after road block.  The only option is to sell.  And it is possible that this is the only situation that would force us into doing so.  God directs our paths by opening and closing doors.  If the business was doing well and money was no issue, we would more than likely stick it out here for another year or more.  But it is quite possible that God has chosen NOW as the time for us to leave.  And He knows the big picture.  He sees what is coming next week, next month, next year.

Instead of focusing on the problems, we need to focus on the promises.  We see all of these expenses coming in the coming month and we see our account balance and the fact that we are in the off-season and we panic.  We see the possibility of our stellar credit ratings going down the drain.  It is not a fun thing to contemplate.  However, we need to decide whether we believe what God says or if we think it somehow only applies to other people.  God says that He will not leave us or forsake us.  He promises to uphold us and to give us the desires of our hearts.  He says that He will always work everything together for good.  He says that He will do beyond what we can ask – or even THINK!  Those are HUGE promises.  And they don’t say “except for in YOUR case” after them.

I hear stories of others who have gone through very difficult things in their lives.  Looking back on those periods, they are thankful for what they came through because it drew them closer to God and to each other.  It stretched their faith and thereby made it grow.  So I ask myself “If you grow closer to God because of this and your faith is made stronger, won’t you look back and be thankful for having gone through these trials?”  And the answer of course is YES!  And although it would be so much easier to know the outcome ahead of time, that would defeat the entire point of the trial.  If you had faith because you knew what God would do ahead of time, it wouldn’t really be faith.

And so we struggle on, but I am trying to keep my eyes on God and completely trust Him with the outcome.  That doesn’t mean I’m not trying to run specials to bring in business or that I’m not actively promoting the sale of the inn – because I am.  I think God expects us to keep doing the best that we can, not just sit back passively and expect things to change.  However, I am trusting Him to bring in the reservations and put our sale information in front of the right person at the right time, as well as make the exact property that we need available for sale at the time we need to buy it.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers.  The more people we have lifting us up before the Lord, the better I feel about everything.  God is going to do something.  We just don’t know exactly when or what!



2 thoughts on “When Faith is Tested

  1. I’ve been peeking into your blog from time to time but don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment. (I love the socks you knitted, by the way.) Anyway, thanks for your post about the testing of faith. We are going through financial struggles, and I need to keep in mind the bigger picture.

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