Alyssa, buyers, and is it spring?


Alyssa is doing much better.  I bound her arm to her side with an ace bandage and it helped immensely.  She is now running around like nothing is wrong, even though she can only use one hand LOL  Two more weeks until she gets out of the sling.

We have a couple coming to look at the inn this next weekend.  I am getting all of the boxes in the entry way that have been waiting for months to go to the barn actually TO the barn, etc.  Once I have the things out of the house that don’t belong, it shouldn’t take much to clean up.

Today we have SUNSHINE.  Yesterday we had SUNSHINE.  The forecast shows SUNSHINE all week long!  YAY!  I will be able to get the yard raked and mowed and some annuals planted.  There are currently at least 10 robins searching the lawn for worms.  Does that mean Spring is around the corner?  I hope the rain stays away for a while.


Please continue to pray for us.  We are long more than ever to move back to Georgia.



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