Let the purging begin!


I have managed to go through my cookbooks today and list what I don’t intend to keep on eBay.  If you’re in the market for any, please take a look.


I have not finished painting Alyssa’s room due to RAIN.  At this rate, I won’t get to it until next week some time.


The inn’s listing came online on Thursday.  By Friday, I had the detailed for sale website up.  We’re receiving a lot of click-throughs to our site and have had phone calls from a couple of people who seem to be very interested!  One couple sounds like they are looking for this exact situation and we are praying it is a match!  I’ve said this before, I love this property and wish I could take it with me – so whoever does get it is going to really enjoy it I’m sure.  I have allowed myself a little bit of time to look at listings in Georgia, but don’t really want to look seriously until we are under contract and/or in escrow.

Please continue to PRAY PRAY PRAY that God will move and pull this all together for us!





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