The list…


I tackled the most tedius thing on my to-do list yesterday – painting.  I started the morning by finishing up my bathroom.  I painted a 2×2 foot square of the wall to see if I would like the color.  Good idea, right?  Only I did it SEVERAL months ago.  At least six.  It is now all nicely painted and the pictures are back on the wall (after being on the floor for those six months…)  I painted the office/playroom as well – and totally lucked out that the new color was almost the exact same shade as the old color, so it covered really well.  I had yanked holes in the paint while removing some posters and pulled down the border, only to find that the previous owners did not paint to the ceiling.  So that is done and is a nice satin finish instead of icky flat paint.  I was able to get one full coat on in Alyssa’s bedroom.  I decided to paint her two pink walls yellow to match the rest of the room.  Note to self (and anyone who is reading)- when covering a dark pink with a color like light yellow, stick with Benjamin Moore paint.  The cheapie Wal-Mart stuff is NOT going to do it.  Earl is bringing me home some right now.

Next on “the list” – decluttering and purging.  There is a lot to tackle and it remains to be seen whether I can remain motivated enough to get it done.  But selling is certainly the best motivater!  I just have to keep my focus and DO IT.

I am suddenly finding myself excited by the prospect of starting a new inn in Georgia.  I love the area we are looking at and as I was looking through the information I have gathered from the local chamber, etc., I couldn’t help but feel all warm remembering all the times we’ve traveled around, stopping in little towns and browsing through antique stores.  We don’t do that here.  Maybe it is because everything is so spread out.  I miss it.  It’s not the same here.  I am encouraged to find that I haven’t just thrown my hands up in frustration and vowed to never do this again after all of the nightmares we encountered while building/opening this B&B.  I still love this business and I still want to be an innkeeper.  I just need to feel my feet in Georgia soil…

You may have noticed the little ad for the “Motivated Moms Chore Planner” over to the right.  It was recommended to me today and I purchased it and downloaded it.  I can’t tell you how helpful this will be for me – it has lists for each week with daily tasks written down with check boxes.  I am so list oriented that I feel like this planner could potentially change my life when it comes to home management/organization.  I highly recommend it.  (If you click on the box, it will take you directly to the Motivated Moms website.  The e-book is $7, is available in several formats, with or without bible reading, and I’ll recieve $1 for any purchase you make.)



5 thoughts on “The list…

  1. The overall look is really cool. Thanks for visiting me. Narnia is a much different type of movie. This one is good but much more real in a “real life” sense. I loved Narnia. I never thought I’d enjoy seeing movies by myself but it’s a wonderful brainless night out.
    Great blog and I like your sock.

  2. I am in SC. I wonder how far you might be from us? I have always wanted to go to an inn.

    Good job on all the painting. I have some to do here today.


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