Listing the inn…


We have been discussing it seriously since September and we finally made the leap yesterday.  We listed the inn for sale.  Within about 30 minutes, I got an e-mail saying that another inn about 60 miles away closed their sale.  We have been saying since that inn listed last year that if it sold, our property values would go up.  Finding out about their sale was kind of confirmation for our decision.  I e-mailed the innkeeper back congratulating her (she’s a realtor, too) and she said they listed in July and were under contract in August!!!  That is record time!!  The average time it takes to sell an inn is TWO YEARS.  We sold The Village Inn in 18 months.  I have been telling Earl that because the real estate market is so different that we are in a much better position to sell and that it will hopefully happen much quicker.  He says he is a “realist” and that he isn’t getting his hopes up.


I am continuing to pray that things will pull together quickly for us.  And I cannot tell you how much I would like God to just SHOCK the pants off of Earl by doing so!  Please join me in this prayer.  For a fast and smooth sale and for direction to our next property.  Whoever buys this place is truly getting a wonderful property and blossoming business, we just long for the South and our hearts are not in this business any longer…

Alyssa’s assessments are tomorrow.  I am getting somewhat nervous about them, but I don’t know why!


I am planning to spend the early part of the week doing some painting in my house.  I need to paint two walls in the guestroom (the other walls are a neat white board treatment.)  I need to paint two walls in Alyssa’s bedroom to match the rest of the room.  And I need to paint one wall in my bathroom.  Then I really have to declutter and move stuff down to the barn that has been sitting in my entry way.  I’m praying I have the energy and motivation!


I will leave you with a couple of pictures of my completed sock!  I am currently in the midst of the second one – instep decreases.  FUN!







3 thoughts on “Listing the inn…

  1. I bet they are so comfy. Is it possible for feet to be jealous? I am just going to have to learn to do that!

    I hope that your property sells quickly. Is there any place in particular you are looking to move to?


  2. I hope the inn will sell quickly. I’ll sure continue to pray for you and your family.

    That sock is a cute little footie.

    Mrs. Happy Housewife

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