Rainy weather = time to knit…


Yesterday I whipped up this scarf.  The yarn is very yummy – it’s a blend that has a bit of mohair in it and it super soft.



My sockette is progressing quite nicely.  Going ’round and ’round is very therapeutic.  It is now recognizable as a sock!  YAY!



How about that Steelers game yesterday!?  It had us on the edge of our seats!  And we were so proud of Roethlisburger’s TACKLE!  Go Big Ben!  (And in case you need a reminder…)



I have been exhausted as of late.  I have considered returning to the doctor to go ahead and have those thyroid tests done, but I don’t really want to pay for them and I don’t really want another condition noted in my records (which will make getting insurance again difficult…)  There has been some discussion lately at The Woodshed regarding hypothyroidism and how it was diagnosed and treated prior to the drug companies developing synthetic thyroid medications and the TSH test.  It was apparently diagnosed on symptoms and a low body temperature and treated with natural granulated bovine thyroid.  If the thyroid caused your symptoms to improve, it was assumed that you were indeed hypothyroid and you continued treatment.  If it made you shakey and unwell, you were not and treatement was discontinued.  Many people are successfully treating their hypothyroidism this way today and set their dose based on controlling their symptoms.  I just ordered some to try and see if it boosts my energy.  After the past year of experiences with mainstream medical professionals and coming to the realization that the drug companies and insurance companies control how our doctors treat us – I’m much more open to choosing alternative methods.  I’m praying that it does help me with my energy levels because I am really dragging…


I’m in the middle of Sanctuary by Beverly Lewis.  I’m still not quite sure where the story is going, but it is very interesting!

And lastly, I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful yarn I bought on Saturday at Heidi’s Yarn Haven…  I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with it, maybe more SOCKS!










2 thoughts on “Rainy weather = time to knit…

  1. I think that your sockette is going to be soo comfy. I love thick socks on those cold winter mornings.

    I hope that you are feeling better really soon. I understand your concerns with modern medicine. I am the same way.


  2. Thanks everyone 🙂

    It’s actually not a thick sock, it’s regular thickness. Probably hard to tell since it’s an ankle sock. I’ll post a picture of it finished. I’m working on the second one now!

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