Behold – the beginnings of a sock!


After ripping out two other attempted patterns, I think I may continue on this one to completion.  The pattern is for a “sockette” or ankle sock (which is actually what I usually wear).  I’m currently working on the heel flap.



The yarn is a Sockotta self-striping yarn and I can’t remember the pattern.  I’m using US2 DPNs and so far, so good.   Hopefully when I’m done, I’ll have a pair of socks that I can actually wear LOL


I am planning to attend a knitting event at a local craft store tomorrow (they’ll be making slippers as a project.)  All yarn will be 25% off.  And I will also probably pop into a little yarn store called Heidi’s Yarn Haven and check out their wares.  I am planning to hit the local thrift shops as well – looking for knitting needles.  I have found a couple of sets for literally pennies at the two thrift stores in Willits, so I anticipate having even better luck in Ukiah.  Should be a fun day!



One thought on “Behold – the beginnings of a sock!

  1. I enjoyed visiting with you about knitting. Not many people knit socks anymore! I am inspired to start a new pair, but I think I will go get some of those bamboo needles first.

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