Current projects


I am currently reading Amish Country Crossroads.  It is a compilation of three books by Beverly Lewis – The Postcard, The Crossroads, and Sanctuary.  I have finished the first, The Postcard.  It was very enjoyable.  I have not previously read anything by Beverly Lewis, but I have a feeling I will be reading all of her books now!


I have finished knitting my two latest scarves.



I am working on a sock, but may end up ripping it out after I finish.  I’m using a self-striping Sockotta yarn on US 2 double pointed knitting needles.  I am actually enjoying using the DPN!  I think I’ll look for more things to knit on them.

I pulled some of the photos from our trip off of the camera.



Alyssa & cousin Joshua



Beach north of Eureka



Anderson (dog) and I






We saw elk!


Today we have SUNSHINE! I am finishing up our personal laundry and dishes and then tackling the inn’s.  I hope to get as much done as I can today because Alyssa and I both have appointments tomorrow and the guests arrive on Friday.

I was laying in bed last night thinking about the garden.  Should I plant anything?  I’m thinking it would look good for buyers if I have the raised beds filled.  So I’ll think about it some more. I have many things above that on my to-do list though!



3 thoughts on “Current projects

  1. Great pics. I like the ones with Alyssa & her cousin and the elk one the best.

    Bloglines is showing you as having no new posts so I wouldn’t have known to check the website if you hadn’t told me you were going to post some pics.

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