Rain Rain Go Away


I’ve seen enough rain.  Really.  We had 10 inches in a matter of 10 days and that was before the last big one that caused all of the flooding and highway closures and down branches and 33 HOUR POWER OUTAGE!!


I apparently take electricity for granted. The power went out at 8:57ish on Saturday morning.  I know because I had just poured batter for the last waffle for guests into the waffle iron.  I kept plating breakfast and prayed there was enough residual heat to cook the last waffle.  Two minutes later I pulled it out, browned to perfection and sent Earl to the cottage with breakfast.  I put together a tray of candles for the guests so that they could see to eat.  Fun.


The power remained off all day Saturday.  Hwy 101 was closed due to a mudslide, preventing our guests that live in Eureka from arriving.  I received several calls for last minute reservations that I had to turn down because of the lack of power.  Calling PG&E was pointless – “no estimated time of restoral.”

Sunday morning found me still in PJ’s (although we had plenty of water because it is gravity fed, we had no HOT water for showers.)  I prepared breakfast by candlelight (not as romantic as it sounds, trust me).  The guests were happy to receive their scrambled eggs, bacon, pound cake, and berry compote – the best I could do with only a gas cooktop.  (Lucky I had that frozen poundcake!)

Around 10am, the phone rang.  A recorded voice stated it was PG&E and that we should have power back between 5pm and 7pm.  We relaxed a little bit, knowing that we would indeed regain electricity – but had to turn down the woman who called for a room that night.  At 1pm – the lights flickered to life.  Within 3 seconds, they blinked off.  Then on again, then off again.  Then on, and off.  And off they stayed.  Another call to PG&E and we learned that our restoral time was again “unknown.”  At 5:30pm, we decided we could not sit through another night of darkness.  I spoke to someone at the power company that informed me of the fact that not only did they have no idea when we would again have lights, but there was not even anyone working on our particular problem.  Lovely.

We got two candles and began throwing clothes into a suitcase.  Grabbed Alyssa.  Checked with a hotel in Ukiah for availability, and off we went.

We had a wonderful night – lights, hot showers, warm air, dinner from Applebee’s delivered – including dessert.  The ironic thing was within 10 minutes of our arrival, my cell phone rung and my mother informed me that our power was back on because she had just left a message on our answering machine.  Isn’t that how it always is?  LOL

We enjoyed a hot breakfast this morning (not as good as MY breakfasts, but hey, I didn’t have to cook it!) Returned home just before 1pm to find all of our lights on and my WAFFLE IRON very hot and ready to make some waffles.  Fortunately it was my new professional flip waffle iron that sits about 6-8″ off the countertop and has a very thick, grounded cord.  Had it been my regular waffle with the hot areas against the countertop, our house may have been on fire.

So we are home safe and warm and enjoying having lights again!  We are very fortunate that our refrigerators and freezers stayed nice and cold and we didn’t lose any food – not even milk!  Praise the Lord!

In my next entry –


What I’m reading…

What I’m knitting…

What I’m procrastinating about doing…  🙂





2 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. You were up to it 🙂 and you to stay a night in hotel where you didn’t have to clean up after everyone. I am glad that the house was safe when you returned home. We just got a message from our electric company telling up that we might be experiencing power outages for next 6 weeks. They are working on the cable and there will be outages for 4 hours at a time. Atleast they are limiting it to the hours of 9am-4pm.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the design of your blog.


  2. Yikes! Regular outages will not be fun, but it is good that they are telling you when and for how long. I think the most frustrating thing for us was not knowing when it would be back on.

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