Home and back to work…


I hope that everyone had an extra special Christmas.  We went away on Thursday and spent four nights in Ashland, Oregon.  It was nice to get out of the house, but Alyssa wasn’t the best behaved while we were gone.  She promptly got sick when we got home, so I don’t know if maybe she was coming down with something during those days or what.


We met up with my brother and SIL who were traveling from Lemoore, CA up to my mom’s in Portland, OR.  They ended up staying Thursday night just 30 miles from where we were, so they met us for lunch.  A friend of mine from our November Playgroup board watched Alyssa on Friday night so that Earl and I could go out to eat.  We ate at a place called Omar’s that was very good.  We had Christmas dinner at Callahan’s Lodge and they served the best turkey I’ve ever eaten!  We returned home on Monday and only lost two windshield wipers along the way!  EEK!


Tomorrow through Sunday we have guests, so I need to be preparing for them.  Instead, I am feeling icky and not motivated.  I have a sore throat and runny nose.  I think I have what Alyssa has.


Alyssa got some very neat presents from friends and family (and a few from us.)  She is set on clothes for this winter.  A friend (you know who you are) sent Alyssa a whole box full of goodies and we are so thankful.  I particularly like the couple of Discovery Toys things that I can use for homeschooling 🙂


December has been a horrible month for business.  We are down 75% from last December and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.  I’m assuming it is just an “off month” and January will be better, but it’s frustrating anyway.


Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to try to refinance while making decisions regarding listing/selling the inn.  We’re in a not very good situation and those are really our only two options.  I keep wondering when God is going to open a door for us or show us which way to go.  I feel like we’ve spent the past year chasing our tails.


I wanted to add (because I almost said I was wondering when God will ‘show up’) that He took very good care of us on our drive to and from Ashland.  On the way, I suddenly had to pull over at a roadside attraction to use the bathroom, despite having just gone 15 minutes earlier).  When we headed on up the highway, we came upon an accident that had just happened.  Had I not suddenly “had to go”, we could have been in the middle of it.  On the way home, despite a forecast of rain the entire way, as soon as we lost windshield wiper #1, the rain slacked off and by the time we lost winshield wiper #2, the rain stopped completely.  (Never buy Michelin wipers, okay?)  We arrived home Monday night without incident.  Yesterday I learned that a section of Hwy 101 to our North is closed due to a rock slide.  Thankfully it happened after we passed through safely.  We definitely had traveling mercies on our trip 🙂



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