Alyssa got to ride a horse!

We went to take some fudge to our neighbor this morning. She raises quarterhorses. We had some tea and then she asked if we wanted to go outside to see some of the horses. She showed us the foals from this Spring, they are 9 months old and quite big! They don't begin training them until they are 2 years old. Alyssa touched the foals and they tried to nibble her hands (she had just eaten cookies!)

Then we went up to one of the barns and there were stalls lining the sides with a horse in each. She took us to see “her” horse – Cassie, a large yellow colored horse with a white mane.

We got to go into the stall and pet her. Then Joan asked if Alyssa would like to sit on her and go for a walk. Alyssa kind of looked at me LOL Joan went and got a halter and took Cassie out of her stall. I put Alyssa on (the horses back was at my eye level)

On the way from the ground to the horse's bare back, Alyssa started to ask to be put down, but as soon as she was sitting, she was suddenly perfectly balanced and comfortable and didn't slide or anything. We walked her up and down the length of the barn several times and she had the BIGGEST smile on her face. I think she enjoyed this more than she's enjoyed ANYTHING.

I asked Joan at what age her kids started riding and she said at age 5 on a pony. Then as they grew, they got bigger ponies until they were on a full size horse.

I'm kind of surprised that Alyssa even would sit on the horse, let alone let the horse walk and then LOVED IT!? I was impressed that she seemed to settle down on the horse's back so easily and then had perfect balance – especially considering how uncoordinated she is on the ground :lol

I think we'll be visiting Miss Joan again ;)


One thought on “Alyssa got to ride a horse!

  1. D loves riding horses. She started on a Welsh/Shetland pony and later moved up to real horses. She dreams of having her own horse. It’s great that Alyssa got to ride on the horse. Hopefully, since it’s your neighbor, she’ll be able to go again.

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