Praying for Those Who Send You Cards


By Sharon Jaynes

What do you do with all those Christmas Cards you receive every year? I say, let’s put them to good use.
Hi, I’m Sharon Jaynes with Proverbs 31 Ministries and positive encouraging K-LOVE.
There’s all sorts of ways to display the Christmas cards we receive every year, but here’s a tradition we’ve enjoyed in our home. When we receive a Christmas card, we put it in a basket by the kitchen table. Then each night, we take out two cards and pray for the families that sent them. We pray for the families before dinner, or before breakfast, or sometimes during our family devotions. If we don’t get to each family by Christmas, we just continue through the New Year until everyone was prayed for.
You might want to try this in your home. But be warned, if word gets out that you pray for the people that send you cards, you might start getting a lot more mail.
For more holiday ideas, visit Thanks for joining me today at Proverbs 31 Ministries where we’re bringing God’s peace, perspective and purpose to your holiday season.

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