Preparing for Christmas, and trying not to stress.


We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving.  Dinner turned out wonderfully, with the exception of the new pie recipe I tried.  It went directly into the trash (we didn’t need pie anyway, did we? )  We have been enjoying leftovers.  I think I’ll make some soup or enchiladas with the turkey tomorrow.  Should be really easy since it’s a breast and I won’t have the whole turkey carcus to deal with!

I did not venture out into the Black Friday crowds, but I did go to Ukiah yesterday to go to Ross, Wal-Mart and Staples.  YIKES!  I couldn’t hardly move my cart up and down the aisles in Wal-Mart.  And we’re in the middle of nowhere!  I can imagine how fun it was in the city!  I had forgotten a few gifts and was able to pick those up.  I actually prayed about what amounts I wanted to spend before going into the stores and found my items for almost the EXACT prices!  I have everything wrapped and boxed up to ship tomorrow.

I still need to work on a framed scrapbook page for my grandma and her husband, order a gift card for my other grandparents, and make a bunch of fudge for Earl’s sisters and my grandfather.  I also need to get Alyssa into her Christmas dress and venture outside to try to get a good picture and then order enlargements.  Will I get all of this done before Christmas?  Oh, and then there are the Christmas cards and I have to decide if I’m doing a Christmas newsletter for the inn.


I need to slow down and realize that it’s not even December 1st yet, I have plenty of time to enjoy the season for what it is meant to be – a time to reflect on our Lord coming to live among us and to appreciate friends and family – not stress out about getting fudge to them!

One kind of sad, but kind of relieved note – we received a call from some previous guests last week inquiring as to whether we would give them our cat Tara.  I’ve had Tara since she was six or eight weeks old and love her to pieces.  However, when we moved here, she became very territorial with our other female cat and began spraying in the house.  As a result, she became a strictly outdoors cat (she’d always been a strictly indoors cat.)  I’m sure the behavior would go away if we got rid of the other cat, however the other cat is an excellent hunter and I need a hunter to keep the mice out!  So I have known that I would need to get rid of Tara before winter hit because it’s too cold for her to stay outside all of the time and when it rains, she tries to get in guest cottages.  And although I’ve looked high and low for a new home for her, I haven’t been able to find one.  What an answer to prayer to get this call earlier this week!  The guests will be coming and staying over tonight and taking Tara home with them tomorrow.  She’ll be an only cat, with indoor and outdoor priviledges and I’m sure they will spoil her rotten.  But I am sure going to be sad to let her go.  I’m sure I’ll have a good cry over it.

Now I’m off to eat and start cleaning Rose Arbor so it will be ready for them when they get here.



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