Who is Christy?

Inspired by a friend on my November Playgroup Board…

Who is Christy?

First and foremost, I am a Christian (who flounders a lot, but whose heart is almost always in the right place.) I am a wife who is learning the right way to be a helpmeet to her husband. I am a mother who is growing into the roll of motherhood. I am a sister and a daughter and a granddaughter and a cousin and an aunt who does her best to stay in touch with her family, but doesn't see them nearly enough. I am a friend with no close friendships locally – a painful thing at times.

Although I always considered myself “booksmart”, I have discovered that I am more artistic than I originally thought. I can create a scrapbook layout, a recipe, a beaded necklace, a flower arrangement, a painting, or a completely coordinated room. I can also create a fabulous “guest experience” for others.

I am searching. I am torn between continuing with the life of innkeeping and 24/7 service of others or moving onto other things. I just have no idea what the “other things” might be. I still feel the pull of massage therapy and one day opening a day spa. I have contemplated baking professionally or candy making, but know that both would be too mundane for me long-term. I have pondered taking the skills that I already have and using them to help other innkeepers – either as a consultant or as a marketing person, developing their photography, brochures, website and “image”. But I lack the self-confidence for that right now.

I love chocolate and bunnies and rainstorms and dogwood blossoms. My favorite time of day is either early when the birds are singing and creation is waking up, or evening when it all goes back to sleep. I have always been a lover of literature and music and at one time, I could not imagine loosing the FEELING I got while creating music with an orchestra – but alas, I have forgotten how. Sharps and flats and changes of key – I can't remember any of it now.

I am overweight and rapidly balding and am dealing with PCOS, but I have hope. And if I never lose the weight and I never grow my hair back, I will not lose my femininity. If I lose my uterus and never have another child, I will not forget that I am a woman. And a wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, aunt and friend…


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